All Important Topics About Live Casinos

We welcome you cordially on our blog - the exclusive side around live casinos, tips and tricks around playing in real time. We have set ourselves the task of taking a closer look at providers. First and foremost, our readers, and especially beginners, should first learn more about live casinos. What exactly does "play live" and what should one pay attention to? All this and many more topics can be found here on our site.

 Live casinos have not been around for too long. Only a few years old, they have already taken the hearts of millions of players by storm. The gameplay has its advantages - it combines the feeling of a real casino with the comfort you can only enjoy at home. Sure, digital gaming tables like Mr Green were sometimes a good alternative. You can expand your own know-how at no cost. However, this virtual games lacks a bit of "reality", if you like.

 The flair of a real casino comes into its own with eye to eye with real croupiers. So our mission is to find the top 5 live casinos and softwares for you, to thoroughly test and evaluate them. In fact, live games can differ greatly in their quality - a fact that laymen usually do not notice so quickly, but that can have a negative impact.


The right selection of live casinos

Good quality and fair chances to win have their price - a price that has to be borne primarily by the live casino itself. Due to the fact that the casino studios are associated with high costs, these are usually operated not by the casino itself, but by well-known and renowned software companies. Included in the rent are usually real gaming tables, such as blackjack, roulette, poker and the like. But also staff must be available. Without live dealers, playing would not be realistic. The following providers specialize in the field and offer first-class gaming options:

Evolution Gaming has dedicated itself fully to the live game. The company operates two studios that transfer their tables to the online casino in real time. A big advantage of the company is that several languages ​​can be offered. This is benefiting more and more casino operators, who conclude contracts with Evolution Gaming.

Playtech has also discovered the trend of the times and offers its own live casino platforms. Again, they have decided to stream the games in two different studios. One was aimed at Asia. The dealers notice their professionalism quite. To laymen are obviously not with them.

If Playtech makes rapid progress, then of course Microgaming remains on the heels of the corporation. A total of three studios are operated by the gambling company. However, there are some flaws in the live casinos that opt for Microgaming - including the fact that a live chat with croupiers and dealers is not possible.

Criteria of our reviews of live casinos

Anyone who looks around on forums, notes: In the assessment of online casinos is always resonates with a certain subjective view. The challenge of our team, however, is to rate vendors as factually as possible. For this reason, there are some criteria on that make the rating easier. So the assessment is not only objective, but is also fair to the company. Our goal is to present readers only reputable live casinos. Anyone who meets all our requirements, has earned his place on these pages. Here are the objective criteria under which we test live casinos:

  1. What is the quality of the games?

 When choosing a live casino, it's not just about having as much choice as possible. In the end, the quality has to be found. And what good is an ultimately 100 live roulette tables, if a Baccarat or Black Jack are much better? Balance therefore plays a very important role in the tests. The more variety in high quality is offered, the more pleasant the stay in the live casino.

  1. How do deposits and withdrawals work?

 Also a criterion that should not be underestimated. Who wants to play for real money, wants to be sure that transactions work quickly and safely. Reputable companies offer their players all the important options to choose from - ranging from e-wallets such as PayPal and Skrill, to classic bank transfer, Giropay or similar systems. Safety comes first with all payment providers. And of course, the more providers are available, the more enjoyable it is.

  1. Are there any fees?

 For many games fees are deducted - especially in the live area. However, there are big differences between providers as to the amount of these additional costs. Live casinos, which deduct only a small part of the fee as a fee, are generally to be preferred. A direct comparison is always worthwhile. It is also important that such costs are listed transparently by the operator.

  1. Which software is used?

 The safety of gamers should also come first in live casinos. Today, only a few companies work with in-house software. Instead, they rely on reputable providers, such as Evolution Gaming or Extreme Live Gaming. No matter which studio you choose, security should be the top priority for all these companies. For example, it's about the results being random. A shut-off mechanism may also be advantageous. After all, it is immensely important to prevent a gambling addiction. On-site gambling halls are well positioned in this area. At least as far as security is concerned, live casinos must meet these standards.

  1. Will a mobile app be offered?

 The mobile gaming industry is in the trend, and this will certainly not dwindle so fast in the coming years. All the more important that live casinos offer a mobile alternative to the desktop version. More and more companies are using apps, or they are providing HMTL5 pages that allow them to play on any smartphone or tablet without prior installation.

  1. Is customer service well positioned?

 Questions can occur when you are in a live casino for the first time. All the more elementary it is that a customer service - at best German-speaking - is always possible. Many companies rely on 24/7 support, while others set fixed times. Options such as the hotline, an e-mail address and the opportunity to reach employees in live chat ensure maximum trust. The better the employees are available, the easier it is to enjoy the fun of playing live at the casino.

  1. Are winnings paid out without any problems?

 Right here is probably the biggest sticking point of some online live casinos. Not only do dubious companies spend too much time on their winnings, they often deny them with flimsy justifications. If you want to get a seat on our site, you have to pay out payouts reliably, safely and quickly. That is not booked on the weekend, that's no reason for negative criticism. Nevertheless, a transaction should not take longer than four working days.

  1. Are there special bonus promotions?

 Especially in the live casino you rarely benefit from a promotion or the typical welcome bonus. Important for us is that bonuses can be implemented at live tables - at least proportionately. In addition, in addition to the amount of the bonus amount, the turnover conditions should also be set up fairly. After all, 1,000 euros or more is of no use if you can not play them in the given time frame.

Which games are offered at the live casino?

Due to the technological limitations, it is only possible for providers to offer gaming tables. Slots can hardly be implemented as live versions. Net Entertainment has tried this once - but the slot machine was clearly a flop. Now, they continue to focus on the good old classics that make up a real casino.

 Live roulette

Roulette is by far the oldest and most popular gambling game worldwide. No provider comes around, at least the main variants, French (including European) and American roulette in the portfolio. But most companies are much trickier and offer their customers a huge selection of live roulette games. So far there is no provider who does not have at least a few live roulette tables to offer.

 Live blackjack

Blackjack is still the classic among card games. Even private play many this game - usually under the name "17 and 4". Live blackjack is not that varied, but here too, the providers have implemented some very interesting ideas. These can be found in various casinos.

Live baccarat

Even if many see the parallels to blackjack: Baccarat is and remains an independent card game with its own goal and various betting options. As a live baccarat variant, the classic makes a lot. However, he is not as popular as Black Jack. But if you stop by the live casino, you will at least find a gaming table of this kind.

Live Casino Holdem

Whether Casino Hold'em, Three Card or other types: Poker belongs in the sector Live Games the good sound of each provider. Even the youngest customers are very familiar with this game. At Casino Holdem, gambling is even more fun. And indeed, live poker is much more versatile than initially thought. The card game is one of the later introductions, while live roulette and blackjack have been on the market for several years.

Live Casino Fraud - it is important to pay attention

At least in theory, the live casino is barely able to cheat its players. Nevertheless, black sheep in the industry always find ways to bring their customers for dear money. For example, they could simulate malfunctions or manipulation on the part of the player. To prevent this happening, various regulators in Europe are involved. It is all the more important to rely exclusively on European live casinos. Most of them are licensed by MGA Malta. And many of them are PayPal approved live casino. Alternatively, casinos also work well under Gibraltar regulation.